User Guide

The User Guide is meant to provide an overview of what we do, how we do it, and to detail data upload procedures for participating programs. Schools interested in participating should download a copy of the User Guide to learn more about contributing data to the National IV-E Data Warehouse. The User Guide also serves as one form of technical assistance for participating schools.

the DataWarehouse
User Guide

Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)

This Memorandum of Agreement template should be used to begin the data sharing process between the Data Manager and the Child Welfare Educational Partner. Before data can be uploaded to the database, an authorized party from the participating partnership and an authorized party on behalf of the Data Manager must sign the MOA. Each party should retain a copy for their records. The MOA will also be stored on the participating partner’s user profile as part of the National IV-E Database website.

Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)

Data Procedures

The Data Procedures are designed to list the actions and responsibilities taken by the Taskforce, Data Manager, and participating Child Welfare Educational Partners. It reflects an understanding among all parties and describes the roles and activities expected to be taken by each; it is not intended to create any contractual obligations. The roles and activities within this document are not all exhaustive, but are meant to represent the minimum required for successful implementation of the National Title IV-E Child Welfare Evaluation.

Data Procedures

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Navigating the IV-E Website

Learn about the main components of the website, where to locate IV-E documents and resources, and contents of the data dashboard.

Preparing & Uploading data

Learn how to prepare and upload data to the National IV-E database.

Running a School-level Report

Learn how to create school-level reports as a user participating in the IV-E database.


The upload function of the Database supports .csv Excel files. Variables within the data files should be prepared according to the format & coding in the data codebook and instructions.

If your school is interested in contributing data to the Database, please review the User Guide and then contact the Data Manager. The Data Manager can be contacted at or 612-624-4231. The Data Manager will be able to provide further information and can set up a user account for the participating school.

The Database will provide publicly-available data on the National IV-E data website. Data on the public site will be basic demographic, aggregate data and designed so that individuals cannot be re-identified. Participating schools have the ability to produce unique reports for their school(s). Data from these reports will not be publicly-available, as the data can be cross-tabulated in different ways and may be identifiable.

The benefit of contributing data to the National IV-E database is to create a national picture of Title IV-E stipend recipients. The Database will centralize demographic and other information on Child Welfare Educational Partnership graduates and program information in an effort to develop a national picture of the child welfare workforce. It will also serve as the foundation for the next phase of work, including a more complex analysis of student/alumni data and possible multi-state outcome studies.